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Inquisitive about the Real World

Envision is one of Denmark’s largest advertising agencies with clients in many industries, particularly within the retail and food sector. We believe that an in depth understanding of the target audience reveals the key to market success. Therefore, we invest heavily in customer insights and market research. You could call our approach interdisciplinary, combining knowledge, strategy and creativity. We call it passionate, precise and effective.  

Maximizing Brand Potential

As a strategic creative business partner we are dedicated to identifying the growth potential of the brand. We’re specialized in developing creative concepts and communication that moves the hearts and minds of the target audience and gives full return on investment. In the end curiosity and creative ambition define us and shape everything we do.



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Meet the management from Envision

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Mads Duzenius

CEO & partner

Mads has been working in the Advertising industry for 17 years. The first years at Uncle Grey as Client Service Manager and afterwards at Saatchi & Saatchi Copenhagen working mainly with international clients. In 2010 Mads created his own agency; Anew. Anew was acquired by Envision in 2018 and fully merged with Envision in October 2020. Mads’ main skills are strategy, client service management and people management.

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Tobias Aggergaard

Chief Creative Officer

Tobias is the Chief Creative Officer. He is responsible for Envision's creative work and the agency's creative staff.
He has worked as Creative Director for several years, and has many years of experience in advising clients in strategy and creative concept development.

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Thomas Søby Eskildsen

Chief Brand Officer

Thomas is the Chief Brand Officer at Envision where he masters the skill of mixing strategic, creative and operational thinking on the agency’s clients.
Throughout the past 15 years Thomas has advised both Danish and international companies on matters within the field of marketing, technology, media, and branding.

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Tomas Olesen


Thomas has been a part of the agency since 2009 in changing roles. He is an expert in brand- and communication strategies, planning, positioning, and creative facilitating. Thomas had his own company; Communicaiders, which was taken over by Dentsu where Tomas then stayed for two more years. In addition, Tomas has been an external associate professor and subject manager at AU for about 10 years.

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Bjarne Veiergang

Head of Finance

Bjarne is the Head of Finance at Envision. Bjarne originally comes from A-2 Mangement Consulting, and has worked for many years as an accountant, consultant accounting manager etc. He is a specialist in financial management, budgets, financial reporting and design of financial models. In addition, he has also worked with IT systems that support the finance function and their work.