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Unique Human Capital is a member of Search Denmark

CEO of Unique Human Capital, Jørn Andersen, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Search Denmark, established in spring 2018, after the industry association's establishment.

Search Denmark is the industry association for the Search & Selection and Executive Search companies in Denmark. It is the ambition of Search Denmark to ensure higher standards in relation to both members and clients, create an ethical code, and develop an accreditation system.

The association will create a parameter for revenue, seniority, and standards to make it easier and more transparent for clients to navigate between the businesses in the industry. In addition, Search Denmark is also a community for members where they can share experiences, knowledge, inspiration, and network.

Unique Human Capital is pleased and proud to be a part of Search Denmark. We believe that it will make a difference to customers' choice of recruitment partner as they want clear parameters to assess the recruitment company. Furthermore, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and creating a community in the association, together with the other members.