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Our best beer summer ever together with Carlsberg

While everybody was out drinking beer and enjoying the sun during the spring and summer of 2018, we made a bunch of cool websites for Carlsberg.

Here’s an overview of all the coding, UX’ing, designing, writing, drinking and creating we did:
This site is the new brand platform of Husbryggeriet Jacobsen – Carlsberg’s high-end specialty beer brand. The site is not just a portfolio show view, but a really ambitious and content-heavy site. Not just about the brand – but about beer in general: Beer types, beer brewing, food pairing, beer trivia, history, etc. It’s the foundation of a broader content marketing strategy where we go beyond traditional advertising and actually create awesome content for our audience. The brewers at Valby Bakke are great at brewing fantastic beer. Obviously, the user experience on has to be just as great.

We did strategy, UX, digital design, content, front-end and back-end development in Umbraco.
In addition to the brand experience site, we also worked on a webshop built on Carlsberg’s existing ecommerce platform, Magento. Strategically, this is a new venture for Carlsberg – a pilot project – that we are very excited about.

We did UI, digital design, content, and front-end development.
This is a beautiful brand and product site and a prime example of how digital collaboration can and should work in this day and age. The client and the lead creative agency, Wibroe Duckert & Partners, hired us as digital vendor. Wibroe Duckert & Partners did strategy, concept, content, and design.

We did UX, digital design, and coded in Umbraco – and on top of that, we won an Umbraco Award for the best cloud solution. /
We migrated Visit Carlsberg’s website into their new Umbraco platform and did all the web integration.

We coded the lot in Umbraco. /
As a part of Carlsberg’s new CVI – 'A New Dawn' for Carlsberg’s global visual identity – we did the digital parts of it on both the global and the Danish site.

We did UX, digital design, front-end and back-end development in Umbraco.
Beer is much more than cold beer. It’s also about several centuries of history and culture. 'Beer Talks' is a small selection of thrilling beer history composed by Bjarke Bundgaard, Carlsberg's own beer expert and historian.

We did UX, digital design, front-end styling, and code development in Umbraco.

Both, and have been done in a great collaboration with the creative agency Yellow Advertising.
Obviously, we as an agency love the beer business. But we also love the fact that Carlsberg takes social responsibility in a variety of areas: Within climate & environment, art & science – and of course when it comes to responsible drinking. “Ansvarlig nydelse” is the drink responsibly message for Carlsberg’s specialty beers.

We did UX, digital design, front-end development, and content adaption.