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GORM holds a seminar: How a content universe can be business-critical

Content is the cornerstone for the most powerful digital user experiences. For the user, it is content that creates and maintains interest. Upholds relevance. And it is content that acts as a meeting point between brand and individual.

On the 4th of April, GORM Agency will hold a seminar on what a strong content universe can do for your brand. How do start? And how do we build upon it, so it becomes both meaningful and business-critical?

Some of the topics that GORM will bring to light:

• How do you create a content universe?
• What should a content universe contain?
• What is success – and how do we measure it?

Frederic Viking, brand manager at Carlsberg Danmark, attends the event as guest speaker. Frederic will highlight Husbryggeriet Jacobsens efforts in creating content. Their ambition is to focus on more than just their product and storytelling. Instead, the brand cultivates curiosity for both the brewers and the brand, along with mediating the fantastic world of beer for all Danish beer drinkers.

Read more about the seminar here.