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For more than 15 years, Unique Human Capital has solved tasks and provided advice for the finance industry

We have a large candidate network, which holds a high degree of candidate confidentiality in relation to the candidates' development and career. We have updated and extensive knowledge of both the current and future development needs in the financial sector, which enables us to focus on which new competencies can be combined and added when new functions are established. In the sector, it is increasingly frequent that new functions must be established based on new requirements for Customer Experience, GDPR, new regulatory requirements, IRP, Multi Channel etc.

We have extensive experience in searching in the market for candidates for director, manager and senior specialist positions, and in identifying the candidate's motivation ensuring that professionalism, experience and personality match the job so precisely that both the candidate and the company see the recruitment as a success.

Being a permanent partner to our financial customers is not something new to Unique Human Capital. We have always had that relation, and it is our primary cooperation model with all our customers. Therefore, we gladly let them be our references when you want to know how we work.

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In FinansWatch there is a current focus on headhunters in the financial sector

In the article, published in FinansWatch, "The finance sector upgrades with its own headhunters", Hella Andersen focuses on the generel trend in the sector in which financial companies handle several recruitment tasks in-house. Several companies in the financial sector announce that they use headhunters only to a limited extent, and it is only for heavy specialist and management positions.

If financial companies use external partners, they must possess specialist knowledge on the sector, and more often than not, they have a preferred supply list in which it is demanded that the search companies know the business well incl. “the culture, business, challenges – so they can sell the story in the right way to the candidates” states Edvard Bæk, Executive Talent Acquision Manager in Nordea.

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