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Ethics and commitment give the professional quality a boost

A joint purpose requires joint values

Morten Andersen is the newly appointed COO of Unique Human Capital. He co-founded the trade organisation Search Denmark two years ago, and since then, he became partner of Unique Human Capital. Now, he has taken over as chairman of Search Denmark. With more than 20 years in the search industry, he provides continuity as well as innovation.

Why do we need a trade organisation?

”We wish to create unity and work as a spokesperson for the industry. In order to increase the quality and ethics that should exist in relation to search, it is important to have joint purpose and values. The fact is that search is not just about providing CVs, it is also about disciplined research, consultancy and sparring. 

The search industry is large and significant, but it is also fragmented and has varying quality standards. As a trade organisation, we must emphasise the positive and serious aspects of the industry.”

What do the members gain from being a part of the trade organisation?

 ”It is a seal of approval in itself to be a part of the trade organisation, as this sends a very explicit signal that you care about quality assurance. One of the responsibilities of the trade organisation is to carry out customer evaluations – the purpose of which is to make the quality of work in the industry visible and obviously to improve it.

It is basically a matter of ethics and good processes. This is simply a condition for being a part of the trade organisation. 

Furthermore, the members get the opportunity to participate in industry-specific events. The goal is to create a broad and united platform that goes beyond the individual company.”

How do you see First Chair Group’s role?

”I think it is important to be committed in society. I would like to stand for commitment and ethics, which is precisely the kind of values that can help give the industry a boost. These are the same values which First Chair Group represents. Thus, it is natural for First Chair Group to be committed in the industries where we are active.”    

Several of the CEOs of the companies in First Chair Group commit themselves in their respective industries

It is one thing to be focused on the well-being of your own company. It is something else entirely to see further than the end of your own nose and rise to the occasion by helping out at industry level. Several of the CEOs of the companies of First Chair Group do this:

  • Anders Tranæs, CEO of Envision, is a board member in Kreativitet & Kommunikation, a trade organisation for creativity and communication.
  • Cuno Christensen, partner at A-2, is currently a member of the council for business ethics Erhvervsetisk Nævn. He has previously been a chairman of The Confederation of Danish Industry’s association for management consultancy firms.
  • Mikael Rodkjær, CEO of Rodkjær Event, is a member and co-founder of the event trade organisation under the organisation Kreativitet & Kommunikation (creativity & communication).
  • Morten Andersen, COO of Unique Human Capital, is the chairman of Search Denmark.