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Envision top-ranked in 2019 MyImage

In this year’s industry analysis MyImage Envision is once again ranked as one of the top 10 agencies in Denmark. The ad agency takes an impressive first place for both “understanding the client’s business” and “being best at consumer insights”.

For the past eleven years MyImage analysis has revealed Danish advertisers’ ‘knowledge of, satisfaction with, preference for and assessment’ of the industry’s agencies. At FCG we are proud of this year’s results. They clearly demonstrate Envision’s strong position in the industry and the Danish advertiser’s recognition of Envision’s expertise.

“2019 is going to be a good year for Envision, as we are working hard to put creative power into both categories, consumer insights and understanding the client’s business,” CEO, Anders Tranæs.

In the overall category for the top 10 agencies in Denmark, Envision is placed 6th. The agency is the best placed agency outside the capital area. Furthermore, Envision is among the top 10 in the categories: “Strategic strong”, “Collaboration with other agencies” and “Data analysis and use”.