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Danish lifestyle brand bolsters digital – and enters USA

Following a pitch in early 2019, Danish women’s clothing brand Masai has chosen GORM Agency as UX partner. Together, Masai and GORM Agency are strengthening Masai’s digital presence.

Few other Danish design companies have accomplished what Masai has: Maintaining a recognizeable identity and consistent expression while slowly expanding the business – without endangering the close relationship between brand and core customers. Now it is time to establish that Masai is a lifestyle brand and not just clothing.

In order to accomplish this, working with the user experience is pivotal and a strategic focus point. Masai’s website, both in Denmark and globally, is not only considered a sales channel. The website is an inspiring experience where the unique “shapes” and “print & colours” is brought to life.

The ambition for Masai and GORM Agency is to create a digital brand experience that both strengthens the digital side of business as well as retail and wholesale.

A companion to creative living

“We’re already putting the Masai brand purpose ”A companion to creative living” into action. Our starting point has been UX, but in the process we’ve also worked on revitalizing the Masai brand platform. We’ve given different brand assets like logo and design a creative overhaul. This is to make Masai resemble (even more) Danishness, as it’s a clear strategic advantage on the international market – but it’s equally important digitally to convey the textural feeling associated with the Masai brand,” explains Morten Gad, Creative Director at GORM Agency.

Danish legacy is an international advantage

Masai is originally from Copenhagen and Danish design is one of the core values for the brand. However, up till now this has been an untold story. Masai is ready to activate the legacy as a part of the brand story. For example, not many people know that Masai’s designers are based in Copenhagen and that they themselves draw the compelling patterns of the clothes:

“We can tell that things are moving fast now. We’ve kicked in doors in the USA and we have a massive presence in the UK. Our relationship with customers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark is strong, and we can tell that it’s time to add one of our core values to our logo: The fact that we’re from Copenhagen and that Danish design is the foundation for all that we do,” says Sune Bjerregaard, CEO at Masai.


Masai from GORM Agency on Vimeo.