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Composition of the Board of Directors

The composition of the Board of Directors is a part of the agenda on a general meeting. Considerations of natural replacements as well as whether the Board of Directors is overall qualified to carry out its tasks strategically, managerially and in control, are to be discussed.

When it has been decided to add new competences to the Board of Directors, it is important to ensure that the selection is independent of internal interests – that the competence profile is systematically and soberly identified based on the given criteria, and that candidates are identified in a broader context e.g. in completely different industries.

Prior to such a process, the Board of Directors must be clearly aligned internally about the company's current situation and complexity – is there a paradigm shift in the pipeline, or is the company undergoing an incremental development? This strengthens the clarification of which competency profile can complement the overall board and the further development of the company that is needed.

If  you want more information regarding how the Board ensures the correct composition? Read the full article here (danish):