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Engineering growth

A-2 is a leading management consultancy company. We provide independent, specialized consultancy services to the Danish state and municipalities in Denmark, and to the private sector within a broad range of industries, such as: transportation, utility, finance, trade & service, industry, and IT. Our expertise strongholds are digitalization, infrastructure, procurement, tender management, supply chain management, complexity management, business process management and performance management with focus on profitability. All areas with significant market growth.

Senior knowledge for superior quality
Our teams consist of creative and professional people with longstanding consultancy experience and academic backgrounds, typically within engineering and economy.

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Meet the partners from A-2

Cuno Christensen


Cuno is founder and works as partner and board member. He participates in steering group meetings with clients and ongoing quality sparring with colleagues. His areas of expertise are strategy, finance, and organization.

Peter Müller


Peter is partner and has extensive experience in system development and outsourcing both in the role of supplier and customer. An experience that includes business development, IT architecture and competence development.

Jens Kittelman


Jens is partner. He has deep and broad managerial experience – from the management of large operating organizations, as well as the management of companies’ subject to major turnaround processes.

Mikael Schwartz


Mikael is responsible for A-2's public procurement and tender advice. He has an extensive experience in helping customers achieving their business goals in large complex procurements. He participates actively in larger projects and in ongoing quality sparring with colleagues.